Ultralow doses (history of one research)

М.: Издательство РАМН, 2009.
ISBN 978-5-7901-0099-4
302  стр., формат 60х90 1/16, переплет

This monograph is devoted to a systemic study of the effects of potentiated (activated) preparations that contain an active substance in ultralow concentrations. The activated preparations were shown to have previously unknown modifying properties. Taking into account these data, a new class of medical products (antibodies in ultralow doses) was developed. A new direction of bipathic pharmacotherapy was proposed.
The first part of this monograph not only illustrates the results of our studies, but also describes the physiological and physical aspects and world outlook of ultralow doses. The final chapters are devoted to experimental and clinical pharmacology of antibodies in ultralow doses.
The monograph is addressed to physicians of various specialties.

Table of contents

List of abbreviations
Chapter 1. Analysis of the experience of homeopathy
Chapter 2. Three types of effects of ultralow doses
Chapter 3. Dual organization of vital activity
Chapter 4. Holographic control of vital activity by the immune system
Chapter 5. Principle of maintenance of the initial integrity
Chapter 6. On the way to pharmacology of ultralow doses
Chapter 7. Experimental pharmacology of products from ultralow doses of antibodies
7.1. Experimental study of antibodies to S-100 protein in ultralow doses
7.2. Preclinical study of Impaza
7.3. Preclinical study of Anaferon and Anaferon for children
7.4. Preclinical study of Artrofoon
7.5. Preclinical study of Epigam
7.6. Preclinical study of Afala
7.7. Preclinical study of Kardos
7.8. Study for antidiabetic activity of a new product from ultralow doses of antibodies on the model of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats
Chapter 8. Clinical pharmacology of products from ultralow doses of antibodies
8.1. Use of medical products from antibodies to S-100 protein in the therapy for alcoholism and anxiety disorders
8.2. Use of Impaza in monotherapy and combined treatment for erectile dysfunction
8.3. Clinical effectiveness and mechanisms for action of Anaferon
8.4. Artrofoon as a promising drug for pathogenetic therapy of chronic arthropathies
8.5. Epigam in the therapy for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
8.6. Afala in the therapy for benign prostate hyperplasia
8.7. Clinical pharmacology of Kardos