Sharipov I.A. (Шарипов И.А.)
Chest Injury: problems and solutions 
(Травма груди: проблемы и решения)

М.: Издательство РАМН, 2006.
ISBN 5-7901-0081-3
284 стр., формат 60х90 1/16, переплет

The author of this monograph I. A. Sharipov, research assistant at N. V. Sklifosovskii Institute of Urgent Care, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Academy of Safety and Law, disciple of a well-known school of thoracic surgeons E. A. Wagner, V. D. Firsov, and A. P. Kuzmichev, works in the field of thoracic diseases and injuries for 30 years.

Based on extensive clinical data (more than 20,000 cases), the author emphasizes the role of prehospital and early hospital stages in the treatment of traumatic disease in victims with isolated, multiple, and combined chest injuries, bearing in mind that the early period of traumatic disease is crucial for the development of severe, often irreversible complications and changes in the organism and the choice of treatment strategy.

Based on original data on intricate pathogenetic chain of traumatic disease development, the author developed and introduced into practice a universal method for arresting early pleuropulmonary and pleuromediastinal complications of chest injuries.

The author hopes that this monograph will be useful for medical students, urgent care specialists, thoracic surgeons, traumatologists, roentgenologists, specialists of civil defense service and Ministry of Emergency Situations.